Massage Therapy Curriculum C through H

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is the most effective way to reach out and touch our marketplace. In Chair Massage the client is fully clothed, in a seated position and the routine is performed in 5 to 15 minutes. It is fully portable and inexpensive for the client, so it is ideal for corporations, conventions or self-promotional events.

Clinical Pathology

This course is designed to familiarize the student with many of the most common musculoskeletal conditions that they will encounter in their practice. They will also learn about many common diseases that may require referral to other health care professionals.

Community Event

Students will design and perform an on-site massage session that will give them direct experience in marketing themselves and educating the public. This project will also give them an opportunity to bring clients into the student massage clinic. This event is performed during the Chair Massage course.

CPR and First Aid

A certification course sanctioned by the American Red Cross will teach standard first aid and adult CPR.

Documentation Skills

The student will learn how to properly document their massage sessions to the medical and chiropractic legal standards.

History of Massage & Ethics

This class examines the history of massage, benefits and contraindications of massage, ethics and legalities of the massage therapy profession. Ethical issues and considerations are explored and discussed. These classes are presented in the Swedish/Deep Tissue course.


A very effective adjunct to massage therapy is the use of hydrotherapy. This class will teach the benefits and uses of hydrotherapy, including various hot and cold therapies. This class also explores understanding the cycles of muscle spasm and dysfunction, physiology of pain and a comprehensive massage therapy approach to injuries.

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