Massage Therapy Curriculum I through M

Integrated Massage / Case Management

This course will allow integration all the information presented in other courses such as; Swedish/Deep Tissue, Chair, NMT, Reflexology, Documentation, Hydrotherapy, Assessment, Rehab, Clinical Pathology and M/S Anatomy. The course will focus on specific case studies and students with relevant conditions. We will study and review the main type of conditions seen in a clinical massage therapy practice and address how they can be effectively managed.

Massage Clinical

In the Massage Clinical the student will work on people from the public. The clinic setting provides the student with the opportunity to reinforce academic activities through hands-on application. The clinic prepares the student for the “real world” in that they will practice all aspects of running a massage business. A specific number of massages are required under the direct supervision of an accomplished clinic supervisor.

Medical Terminology

All of the health sciences are based in the common language of medicine. The successful massage therapist will be comfortable with understanding, reading and speaking this specialized language.

Movement Therapies

These classes include an introduction to Yoga and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) techniques. Many clients will require stretching exercises to support their massages and prevent recurrence of their complaint. These classes are presented within the Rehabilitation Protocols course.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology

This class provides the student with a textbook knowledge of the muscles, bones, and how they combine to allow the body to move. The student will also have a hands-on knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. The material is taught in an experiential manner. Students will have an opportunity to build each muscle in clay and attach to skeletal models as well as locate the muscles on themselves and their classmates.

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