Massage Therapy Curriculum N through Z

NeuroMuscular Therapy

NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) is an extremely effective specific form of bodywork with the intention of addressing pain and dysfunction originating in muscles. This class utilizes a sophisticated slide presentation, a video projected demonstration, and hands-on practice. NMT I, II, and III will cover muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Various health conditions that respond to NMT will be discussed. NMT IV will train the student in the treatment of the temporomandibular joint and deep muscles of the spinal column. Our NMT program will allow you to work with many different professionals including Chiropractors, Dental Surgeons, and Physical Therapists.

Oriental Medicine

Certain clients prefer and may require a different approach to their health concerns. This course will introduce the student to the oriental philosophies of health and illness. The student will explore the concept of “self-cultivation” and learn techniques to empower themselves and their clients.

Orientation and Clinic Orientation

An orientation session is provided to discuss school policies, the code of conduct and requirements for graduation. Clinic orientation will prepare the student for their clinical experience.


The body is divided into numerous zones, which can be identified on the feet. This course teaches the student techniques for influencing various areas of the body by massaging the feet.

Rehabilitation Protocols

This course will teach the student exercises to give their clients to prevent re-injury of their complaint and to maximize full and rapid recovery.

Stress Management

Many of the conditions that motivate people to seek massage therapy are related to or caused by stress. It is important to understand the physiological effects of stress and to have tools to support the “stressed-out” client. This class is presented within the Swedish/Deep Tissue course.

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage technique is the foundation of all massage. The student will learn to perform an excellent professional massage that includes all the fundamental Swedish strokes. Applications to deliver Deep Tissue Massage will also be taught.

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